Credit Reporting FAQs


Does DriveTime report to my credit?

DriveTime’s loan servicing company, Bridgecrest (formerly known as DT Acceptance Corp), reports active finance accounts to all three major credit bureau reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

What should I do if my credit report is not accurate?

To file a dispute regarding your credit report, you may contact the credit bureaus.

  • Experian: (800) 831-5614
  • Equifax: (866) 222-5879
  • Transunion: (800) 813-5604

Some third-party agencies may not have your most up to date credit report. For the most accurate credit information, please contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies.*

*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Bridgecrest reports active finance accounts at the end of every month, however, it may take 30-90 days for each Credit Bureau to reflect the most up to date report.

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