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I found a vehicle in a different state that I want to purchase.

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state location, you must contact your local DriveTime dealership and Department of Motor Vehicles for registration requirements. Please contact the dealership that has your vehicle of preference for more information, which can be located here:

I only received 1 key and/or no key fob. Can the dealership provide an additional key/fob? Do you provide floor mats or an Owner’s Manual?

DriveTime sells vehicles with all accessories that we are provided with when we obtain the vehicle. Any keys and/or accessories obtained are provided to the customer at the time of sale.

Can I take my vehicle to a dealership for repair work?

DriveTime dealerships are not equipped to perform vehicle repairs. If you are experiencing any mechanical concerns, please take your vehicle to an in-network repair facility. In order to locate the repair facility closest to you, please check with your warranty and/or service contract administrator. For Aeverex customers, please visit For SilverRock customers, please visit If you are unsure which warranty you have, please contact our Customer Service department at 888-418-1212 and press option two and they will be able to assist.

Do you take trade-ins?

Absolutely! We will do a trade evaluation on the spot and let you know exactly what it is we can offer you for it. The great thing about DriveTime is that you can apply your trade in amount directly towards any down payment that may be needed!

Can I purchase a vehicle without a driver’s license?

In order to purchase a vehicle, we do require that someone on the loan have a valid driver’s license.

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